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April 2019

Congratulations to our new U.S. citizens!

Congratulations to our new group of tutors! If you would like to be a tutor check out the “BE A TUTOR!” link at the top of the page to learn how.

We would like to encourage anyone “Dining Out” this week to select a restaurant on the days they are participating in the Dine United project by sharing their profits with the United Way.
Thank you! April 1-5, 2019

DALC Receives Generous Donation
from Cotton Electric

Special event at the Duncan Public Library March 5 at 6 pm. Alton Carter author of “The Boy Who Carried Bricks” will be our guest speaker.

Cotton Electric Charitable Foundation
L-R Migi, Marisol, Maria, Nancy, received the generous donation from Carter, and Brett of the Cotton Electric Charitable Foundation.

Cotton Electric Charitable Foundation donated a check for $384 towards our Citizenship Class to purchase books.  Thank you so much Cotton Electric and your generous members!

Congratulations to our Newest Citizens!

In September the Duncan Area Literacy Council honored and recognized our newest U.S. citizens as well as celebrated the grand opening of Duncan’s Citizenship Corner in the Duncan Public Library.

The citizenship class that began in January produced 5 “new” citizens. Those individuals were honored at the ceremony where Representative Marcus McEntire awarded a proclamation to each new citizen.

Those honored for acquiring citizenship through the naturalization process are:

U.S. Citizen-Patricia Bullock
U.S. Citizen – Maria Hernandez
U.S. Citizen – Salustia (Mila) Martinez
U.S. Citizen – Delores (Lola) Varella.

Not pictured, but also achieved citizenship; Maria Barrientos.

Teacher Nancy Litsch with students and Rep. Marcus McEntire. Nancy is a tireless, hard-working volunteer for the Duncan Area Literacy Council.

During the ceremony, the new Citizenship Corner at the Duncan Public Library was unveiled.


The new Citizenship Corner is a designated place for those wishing to become a United States Citizen through the naturalization process. Residents of Stephens County will have access to a computer to file their application online, pick up study guides

and find out more information.

Individual help will be provided by Duncan Area Literacy Council where they just call and set up a time. Contact DALC by calling 580-736-1170 or emailing dalc73533@gmail.com.

Duncan Area Literacy Council offers two CITIZENSHIP CLASSES – one for women on Monday evenings and one for men on Sunday afternoons at 4pm.

Duncan Area Literacy Council also offers ENGLISH SPEAKING LANGUAGE classes on Tuesday mornings and evenings as well as ONE on ONE BASIC SKILLS IN ENGLISH.

Funding for the Citizenship Corner was from a grant with the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and Institute Museum of Library Services.

Tutor Training Flyer 2018

Duncan Area Literacy Council attended the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition Conference in Norman at the end of August 2017. A compilation of stories written by students of the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition had been published and was available at the event. Three student authors from the Duncan area were among those whose stories were chosen for the book:  Margo Morales, Veronica Chavez and Devon Thomasson.  Margo Morales and Veronica autographed books during the event.

Tutors Beverly Merchant, Kay Bechtel and Jean McDowell also attended the event along with DALC Director Mary Brancich.

Congratulations to our students AND authors!

Tutor Beverly Merchant with student Veronica Chavez at book signing.
Veronica Chavez

Nancy Litsch (center) with her ESL students.

Margo Morales signing books.
Tutor Kay Bechtel with student Margo Morales at book signing.

July 29, 2016

esl summer project

The students in Nancy Litsch’s class created paper mâché figures of horses and learned new vocabulary words: texture, paper mâché, twigs, sticks, mane and tale.  While working on their creative projects the students also enjoyed the exhibits at the museum and experienced life “On the Chisholm Trail” and the film “Animals of the Southwest”.